class weboob.capabilities.job.BaseJobAdvert(id=u'', url=NotLoaded, backend=None)

Bases: weboob.capabilities.base.BaseObject

Represents a job announce.
  • publication_date – (date, datetime) Date when the announce has been published
  • society_name – (unicode) Name of the society taht published the announce
  • place – (unicode) Place where the job take place
  • job_name – (unicode) Name of the job
  • title – (unicode) Title of the announce
  • contract_type – (unicode) Type of the contrat : CDI, CDD
  • pay – (unicode) Amount of the salary
  • description – (unicode) Description of the job
  • formation – (unicode) Required formation
  • experience – (unicode) Required experience
classmethod id2url(_id)

Overloaded in child classes provided by backends.


Get page URL of the announce.

class weboob.capabilities.job.CapJob

Bases: weboob.capabilities.base.Capability

Capability of job annouce websites.

Iter results of an advanced search
Return type:iter[BaseJobAdvert]
get_job_advert(_id, advert=None)

Get an announce from an ID.

  • _id (str) – id of the advert
  • advert (BaseJobAdvert) – the advert
Return type:

BaseJobAdvert or None if not found.


Iter results of a search on a pattern.

Parameters:pattern (str) – pattern to search on
Return type:iter[BaseJobAdvert]