class weboob.core.backendscfg.BackendsConfig(confpath)

Bases: object

Config of backends.

A backend is an instance of a module with a config. A module can thus have multiple instances.

exception WrongPermissions

Bases: exceptions.Exception

BackendsConfig.add_backend(backend_name, module_name, params, edit=False)

Add a backend to config.

  • backend_name – name of the backend in config
  • module_name – name of the Python submodule to run
  • params (dict) – params to pass to the module

Return True if the backend exists in config.

BackendsConfig.edit_backend(backend_name, module_name, params)

Edit a backend from config.


Get options of backend.

Returns:a tuple with the module name and the module options dict
Return type:tuple

Iterate on backends.

Returns:each tuple contains the backend name, module name and module options
Return type:tuple

Remove a backend from config.

exception weboob.core.backendscfg.BackendAlreadyExists

Bases: exceptions.Exception