class weboob.tools.application.console.ConsoleApplication(option_parser=None)

Bases: weboob.tools.application.base.Application

Base application class for CLI applications.

BOLD = '\x1b[1m'
CAPS = None
NC = '\x1b[0m'
acquire_input(content=None, editor_params=None)
add_backend(module_name, backend_name, params=None, edit=False, ask_register=True)
ask(question, default=None, masked=None, regexp=None, choices=None, tiny=None)

Ask a question to user.

@param question text displayed (str) @param default optional default value (str) @param masked if True, do not show typed text (bool) @param regexp text must match this regexp (str) @param choices choices to do (list) @param tiny ask for the (small) value of the choice (bool) @return entered text by user (str)

bcall_error_handler(backend, error, backtrace)

Handler for an exception inside the CallErrors exception.

This method can be overridden to support more exceptions types.

bcall_errors_handler(errors, debugmsg='Use --debug option to print backtraces', ignore=())

Handler for the CallErrors exception.

do(function, *args, **kwargs)
edit_backend(name, params=None)
load_backends(*args, **kwargs)

By default loads all backends.

Applications can overload this method to restrict backends loaded.

login_cb(backend_name, value)
parse_id(_id, unique_backend=False)
register_backend(name, ask_add=True)
classmethod run(klass, args=None)
unload_backends(*args, **kwargs)
exception weboob.tools.application.console.BackendNotGiven(id, backends)

Bases: exceptions.Exception