How to contribute

By coding

Write a patch

Help yourself with the documentation.

Find an opened issue on this website, or write you own bugfix or feature. Then, once it is necessary, commit with:

$ git commit -a

Do not forget to write a helpful commit message.

Check your patch

You can run these scripts to be sure your patch doesn’t break anything:

$ tools/
$ tools/ yourmodulename  # or without yourmodulename to test everything

Perhaps you should also write or fix tests.

Send a patch

$ git format-patch -n -s origin

Then, send them with this command:

$ git send-email *.patch

You can also send the files by yourself if you haven’t any configured MTA on your system.

By hosting a buildbot slave

To be sure weboob works fine on lot of architectures, OS and configurations, but also that websites haven’t changed and backends still support them, it’s important to have enough buildbot slaves.

If you are interested by hosting a buildbot slave, follow these instructions:

Create a slave

Firstly, you have to install pyflakes, nose and buildbot.


$ buildslave create-slave <dirname> <name> <password>


if you use an old version of buildbot, run buildbot instead of buildslave.

Parameters are:

  • dirname — the path where you want to setup your slave on your host.
  • name — the name of your slave. It would be for example your name, your nickname, your hostname. Check on the name you want to use isn’t already taken.
  • password — choose a password to login on the master.

For example:

$ buildslave create-slave /home/me/buildbot me secret123

Then, edit files in /home/me/buildbot/info/ and run the slave:

$ buildslave start /home/me/buildbot

Contact us

To connect your slave to our master, you can send us an email on with the following information:

  • The name of your slave;
  • The IP address of the host;
  • The password of your slave;
  • Indicate if you want to run tests for every merges (three times a day) or only do a nightly build.

When your slave will be accepted, you will see it on

How it works

When a build is requested by master, your slave updates its local git repository, and run tools/

To work correctly, we suggest you to add as many as possible backends with the user of the slave. No private information will be sent to master, and it’s better to have tests on backends which need authentication, because not every developers have accounts on them.