class weboob.capabilities.video.BaseVideo(id=u'', url=NotLoaded, backend=None)

Bases: weboob.capabilities.image.BaseImage

Represents a video.

This object has to be inherited to specify how to calculate the URL of the video from its ID.

Variables:duration – (timedelta) file duration
class weboob.capabilities.video.CapVideo

Bases: weboob.capabilities.image.CapImage

Video file provider.


Get a video file from an ID.

Parameters:_id (str) – video file ID
Return type:BaseVideo or None is fot found.
search_videos(pattern, sortby=0, nsfw=False)

search for a video file

  • pattern (str) – pattern to search on
  • sortby – sort by… (use SEARCH_* constants)
  • nsfw (bool) – include non-suitable for work videos if True
Return type: